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At McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Systems, we manufacture effective air filter cleaning systems at competitive prices. We also keep your air-filtration system working at its optimal capacity. While the most common method of washing your air filter is using water, choose us in Canada for advanced air filter cleaning systems in Edmonton.  Clean air filters not only improve air quality but they will also increase energy efficiency.


At McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Systems, we have immense knowledge and expertise in this field, and we have manufactured a cleaning system in 1982 that is a patented method. Its specialties include:

Dry process
Environmentally friendly as you can reuse it multiple times as opposed to discarding after every use
Low maintenance and inventory costs as the requirement of new filters reduces

Did you know a new filter is not 100% efficient until it builds up the pre-coat that has the initial layer of contaminants and also allows the filter to achieve its highest efficiency? Our dry process will not remove this pre- coating, and is ideal for heavy equipment and industries such as oil and gas, mining, trucking, municipal districts, agriculture and forestry.

Our Services

Commonly known as the McWinn System, our air filter cleaning system is a great choice if you are looking to extend the life of your air filter. As a manufacturer of this system, we offer equipment sales, business opportunities with a licence to sell these systems, and clean filters for customers in a specific geography anywhere in the world.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Ensure your air filter performs as good as new with our dry-process cleaning system. The McWinn process is patented and guaranteed to be safe. The process includes:

Drying the filter at 120° F to remove moisture. This helps you ensure full release of dirt and contaminants during the cleaning process.
Rapid spinning with injected air and vacuum; this helps clean the filter paper of all restricting particles
The filter is rotated in a darkroom using a 750 W lamp to inspect of tears, paper separation and pinholes.
It is then tested to ensure proper airflow using a 20HP fan producing 3,300 CFM at 29” and a manometer measured in inches of water. If the filter exceeds 2” to 2.5” of restriction levels, they will be rejected.
Once cleaned and inspected, the filter is marked to record the number of times it is cleaned. It is then boxed and tagged with the customer’s name and filter number.

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Filters Cleaned 8-10 Times the McWinn Way

To save money on energy costs, keep your air filters clean! Smart operators are known to use the safe McWinn air filter cleaning system. To book your order or for more information, click the button below.

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