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Air Filter Cleaning Machines in Edmonton and Canada

McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Systems is your go-to company for air filter cleaning machines in Canada. Our headquarters is in Edmonton. Our cleaning method is ideal for industries such as mining, construction, oil and gas, municipal districts, trucking, forestry and heavy equipment. It is safe, and our warranty equals and excels in factory warranties. Our cleaning process leaves you with a filter that looks and performs as good as new. For more information, contact us.

cleaning machine


Did you know that a dirty filter might be performing at great efficiency while a clean-looking element may be restricted by fine dust? Using the McWinn cleaning machine can improve the efficiency of your filter. As the dust layer builds up, the machine can remove more fine particles than a new filter element.

Conveyer dryer


A filter that needs cleaning is first visually inspected for damage. It is then dried at 120° F or 44° C to remove moisture. This ensures that the filter is free of dirt and contaminants after the cleaning process. Each dried filter is cleaned using the patented dry process that combines rapid spinning with injected air and vacuum. This cleans the filter paper of all restricting particles.



Once the filter is cleaned and examined for flaws, the filter is tested to assure proper airflow.

test bench


Every filter that needs cleaning with the McWinn process is rotated around a 750 W lamp in a dark room where they are inspected for paper separation, tears or pinholes.



A fully cleaned and inspected filter is marked with the McWinn service decal to record the number of times it has been cleaned. It is then bagged in heavy plastic, or boxed and identified with the customer’s name and filter number.

bag sealer
panel filter


Our patented process is ideal to clean safety filters, and inside and outside draft filters. While most filter cleaning systems need water, liquid cleaners or chemicals that can cause filter damage, the McWinn process is an air-based cleaning method that provides like-new performance every time.


Contact McWinn for air filter cleaning machines in Edmonton and throughout Canada.  


Filters Functioning as Good as New

Our cleaning machine is just what you need to ensure your air filter is clean and performing as good as new.

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