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Are you finding it a challenge to keep your air filter clean throughout the year? How about investing in our air filter cleaning system in Edmonton? At McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Systems, we strive to meet our customers’ requirements, and offer leasing and buying options of our cleaning systems. Once you choose our McWinn patented air filter cleaning machine, we provide certain equipment with our operating equipment and there is also a list of services that need to be procured locally.

Equipment Provided with Our Operating Agreement

Dust collection cyclone system
Conveyor dryer
Light inspection unit
Air restriction test bench
Packaging bag sealer

Equipment and Services to Be procured Locally

25 HP air compressor
3-phase power
All electrical connections
All piping for the system
Light inspection room
Required license, permits, trade people
Any other in place costs

For more details, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be pleased to tell you more.

Our Equipment

You can choose from new and refurbished machines. Share your requirements with us, and we will suggest a suitable system to meet your needs. Our list includes:

Patented McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Machine

Length 14’
Width 3’
Height 4’6”
Weight 2,000 lbs
110 V

Vacuum Dust Collector

Length 6’
Width 4’
Height 6’
Weight 2,500 lbs
208-230 V 460 V
20 HP motor


Length 7’
Weight 200 lbs
Diameter 2’ tapered to 6”

Conveyer Dryer

Length 10’
Width 4’
Height 6’
Weight 1,000 lbs
110 V

Panel Filter Cleaning Vacuum Beach

Weight 100 lbs

Air Flow Restriction Test Bench

Length 4’
Width 2’
Height 3’
Weight 150 lbs

Light Inspection Bench

2’x2’x3’ high
Weight 100 lbs
110 V

Bag Sealer

Weight 50 lbs
110 V


Total pieces 8
Total weight 6,100 lbs

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