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While we sell air filter cleaning machines across Canada and the world, you can get licensed to start your own business and clean air filters in a specific geographic.

 Air Filter Cleaning Services for Clients in Edmonton and Across Canada

Did you know that cleaning your air filter regularly saves you the cost of buying a new filter? At McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Systems, we sell air filter cleaning machines for customers across Canada. Our machines are a preferred choice among business owners, entrepreneurs, and for in-house use in businesses such as construction and mining. We are the original manufacturers of our machine that come with multiple components. Also as we offer air filter cleaning as a part of our business, we have in-depth knowledge about the product and business.


Why throw away your air filter when you can clean it? We have one of the most reliable industrial-strength air filter cleaning systems available. Using a completely dry process, our patented air filter dry cleaning system can clean your filter to perform like new. Another reason to invest in our cleaning system is to contribute to the environment. Every year, thousands of air filters are sent to landfills. Our patented process allows you to use your air filter multiple times and not get rid of it in one use.


Our cleaning system combines rapid spinning with injected air and vacuum to clean the filter paper of all restricting particles. The dry process allows you to clean your filter 8-10 times as opposed to the standard procedure of washing. The standard method also limits the use of your filter to 2 to 3 times. You can either purchase our equipment, get licenced, and start your own business or clean filters for a specific area.


You should keep your air filter clean because:

  • It maximizes its efficiency
  • It promote cleanliness
  • It helps you stay healthy
  • It saves money


Get in touch with us if you are looking for air filter cleaning services in Edmonton.

BBB A+ Rating

bbb a+


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The McWinn Process

Why use water to clean your air filter when you can benefit from our dry process? Take a look at our system.

A Business Opportunity

Our cleaning systems can be licensed for starting your own business in a specific geography.

Interested but Have Questions?

You may be sceptical about investing in an air filter cleaning system business. If you have any questions, ask us.

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